Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life Hack: Marriage Principles

In honor of my 15th year of marriage, I want to share 15 principles I have come to appreciate.

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1. Marriage is only complicated when you compare or compete with someone else's.

2. Marriage is for the humble in heart and strong in spirit.

3. Suggestions work better than criticism on any topic.

4. Every marriage has its own signature: whatever your signature is own it. #powercouple #funcouple #comedycouple #goofycouple

5. Love does not pay the bills, but it is better than a debt free marriage filled with resentment.

6. The level of transparency developed in marriage is to be treasured. It is the place you can be naked and unashamed.

7. If you disagree, let your kiss have the last word.

8. Marriage is an equal opportunity employer- both spouses have to work at the relationship to see the payoff.

9. Unity is the key to answered prayer. God does not leave your spouse out of the blessing.

10. Disconnect from anyone who speaks against marriage, your marriage, or encourages you to spend considerable time away from your spouse.

11.  Everyday someone learns that marriage is honorable or to be disrespected by your actions towards your spouse.

12. Though your marriage picture may age, keeping God as the framework of your marriage protects the picture.

13. Caring for your spouse is caring for your own soul.

14. One of the most stabilizing things you can do is to love your spouse through every season of life, and every temperament of life.

15. Marriage is for the selfless, the mature, and the teachable. Giving, growing, and learning your spouse creates some of the most satisfying life experiences.

I'll stop there! I pray these principles bless your life, married, or on your way down the aisle!

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