Monday, February 13, 2012

Not For Sale (A Poem)

This poem is dedicated to my young lady followers.

You may think that a present entitles you to me

Not so.

You may think a date entitles you to a kiss.

Not so.

You may think a jewel entitles you to more than a kiss.

Not so.

Your present says I am a precious gift.

Your date says I am worth waiting for.

Your  jewel says I am the treasure you've found.

Its not what you think, Its what I require that matters.

You see, I am not for sale.

I used to be the woman with the child-like mind,

But I've grown up and if I could,

I would press rewind,

and state emphatically, without hesitation, without fear, and full of confidence,


I am not a markdown but an upgrade.

I am not less but great.

And I am not in a rush to be "off the market" or snatched up like a last chance.

If you wait for me, it will be the best choice you ever made.

A Woman Who Knows and Never Second-Guesses Her Worth.