Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Because I Could: The Dangers of Becoming A Doormat

         "Why did you do it?"

          "Because I could."

           This three-word statement has been uttered by politicians,rappers, and even your average handyman. The reason for this statement ranges from murder to domestic abuse to adultery. In most cases, it is usually uttered by someone who got a little happy with power, prestige, or privilege. In today's society, it is important that you don't become the next doormat. In relationships specifically, you have to set boundaries that safeguard not only your sexuality, but your humanity. A doormat is something that may express welcome, is seldom appreciated, admired, or valued for more than wiping your feet on to get to your true destination: inside the house. Ladies, ask yourself: am I the temporary pleasure on the way to something greater? Gentlemen consider: am I apart of the journey of self-exploration or am I the destination? The true danger in being a doormat is that three things happen. 1. You get stepped on. 2. You get left out in the cold. 3. You eventually get tossed aside for a new one. I encourage you to evaluate your relationships. Make sure that those in your life truly recognize your value. If not, it's time to snatch the doormat out from under them.