Thursday, March 20, 2014

Games Guys Play

 So. God wants to breathe life into your heart today. No matter where you are. You may be in a healthy relationship. You may be in the recovery room, suffocating, or shattered into a million emotional splinters. This word serves as a reminder that you are valuable to God. He does not want any man using you as his plaything. You are NOT a game. You are a GIFT. God wants me to share 3 Games Guys Play. I've met enough Mr. Wrongs and Mr. Righteousness to share these with you.

1. The Teary Eyes
Some guys actually use tears to draw you in emotionally to get you to do what they want because you feel sorry for them. They will even play the victim while they wound you. Talk about reverse psychology. Don't buy into it. If he cares for you, he will not try to manipulate his way with tears.

2. American Idols
Music- pay attention to what's in his ear; it affects his thoughts
Sports- pay attention to how much times he gives to stats over the status of your relationship
Style-what is he wearing? Is it more important than putting on Christ?
Drive- is he driven by the upkeep of his car, his game collection, or His Spirit Man?

Ladies, if the material means more to him now, it will only magnify when you get into the relationship

3. Doors of Opportunity

If you are an OPTION, you should OPT OUT.

Girlfriend is just that- it is not you, Tina, Sally on weekends, and Shakira quarterly.

You are not a menu choice, YOU deserve to be THE ONE.

I charge you to value yourself enough to walk away from the games. YOU are a GIFT!

Monday, March 17, 2014

God's Eject Button

Rejection. Nobody likes it. None of us are ingrained with a 'get over it' mentality. No matter how old you get, the feeling of rejection never gets easier. I recently had an encounter that left me feeling rejected. Though it did not last, and though I was essentially given the advice to get over it, the sting stayed with me until I was able to treat myself to some self-talk and prayer. Though the person apologized for their behavior, as Maya Angelou wisely stated, People will forget what you said, but they won't forget how you made them feel."

This is true in relationships and in business. I recently had a HORRIBLE eating experience at Qdoba's. This is a place I had been patronizing for years and one of the few places (I can count on 1 hand) that I liked to eat at. Notice the past tense there. I began choking uncontrollably on the food I had ordered. When I sought an exchange for the order, they said, no. And they were quite rude about it. They told me I should have asked for a sample. No where in the store states you can ask for a sample. I will never forget how they made me feel. So, I'll be taking my money somewhere else in the future. There are other places that offer the same food with an appreciation for the customer.

What am I saying? Simply put, we don't or rather shouldn't invest or time, being, or resources in places that do not recognize our value. I have come to learn even more as time passes, that God often pushes the eject button to save us the pain of rejection. Some times God allows us to experience the pain as a nudge to the heart that as Laura Story sings so beautifully, "to remind us that this is not our home."

There is a fine line between gracing someone and giving them the benefit of the doubt, and being assured that a person is not interested in you, not interesting in changing harmful behaviors, and simply does not value you as a person.

I encourage you to love yourself enough today to walk away from what is unhealthy for you. Whether that be a love interest, a friendship that has turned harmful, a place you return to that does not leave you with a feeling of well-being, do an inventory.

Will God have to come to the rescue for you to figure out you don't belong with him or her? Your time in that place is up? Will that friend have to turn into an enemy before you sever an unhealthy connection? Can you see the red flags, or will God have to eject you from the relationship to get your attention on him?

Let's listen to God the first time. Let's heed the red flags in our life. Let's not be the last person to recognize the expiration date on the experience.

God' ejection, God's redirection, is often God's protection. Let God protect you. He knows what He is doing.