Wednesday, January 8, 2014

E- Streakers (The Look At Me!!!!! Generation)

A 'selfie' taken by the hubby

Let's Be honest. If you have a healthy DOSE of self-esteem, you enjoy YOU. You enjoy being with you, the skin you are in, and sometimes you feel a little self-conscious about your looks. That's okay. Having an awareness of yourself, and appreciating who God made you to be is NORMAL.

What's not normal?

E- Streaking. I- Streaking. Making a public exhibition of yourself in an inappropriate way. As young women and young men, you have to be aware that what you post CAN come back to haunt you. Some states are allowing youth under 18 to 'erase' their history of posts, pics, and comments, but GHOST images guarantee that if someone really wanted to find a blast of the past of you, they could. Not to mention the added annoyance of a Photoshop smarty pants who decides to give you a whole new face, body, or figure all together.

Here's  some things to consider in this day of "post to your heart's content without THINKING of the content"

* If you aren't KFC, think twice about advertising breasts, thighs, and legs.

* Taking a selfie? Cool Taking a selfie in a towel and little else? Leave that selfie on the shelfie
 (Even celebrities have been phone hacked and pictures only meant to be seen by one are seen by all)

*Wearing clothes that accent your shape? Not a problem. Wearing something that looks poured on? Think again!

*Underwear is never considered outer wear. Note the first part: UNDER.

Ladies and  Gents, the last thing you want to be remembered for is the person who couldn't keep their clothes ON.

Respect yourself, respect your friends, respect the people who mentor you and those who look up to you. Leave the E-Streaking behind!You are fearfully ad wonderfully made, which is all the more reason to honor God by honoring the Bodysuit he gave you!

Remember, some pictures are best left in the mind's eye!

A woman with No mystery will soon be History- Leary M. Davis, My grandmother