Saturday, December 11, 2010

If You Like It Then You Should've Put Some...EARRINGS On It?

This is it! This is the big night! I just know he's the one! Okay, act surprised.

 "Oh, honey! Is this for me? You shouldn't have,"

What? Earrings? We've been together for two years now. Earrings? We've been living together for a year now. Earrings? I've given him two children. Cuff links? We've been together since high school. Cuff links? Her name is on everything I own, including the house we bought together.

At some point, men and women have asked this same question: Why won't they commit? They toss and they turn trying to figure it out. Their friends console them, their co-workers shake their head in pity, and they shake off the feeling of uneasiness and get back to the business of settling for less.

When you devalue your worth in a relationship, your partner then begins to take on the mental slogan, "Why Pay More?" At some point, you have to decide whether or not you are worth the ring. Falsely, many believe that only men are commitment phobes, but women are just as notorious for sweetly saying "No, I will never commit." Some have bought into the myth that to be successful, your relationship status must always read Single or Bachelor. The latest string of sex-only movies certainly don't debunk the myth, but rather enforces it to the tune of millions.

So, are you worth the ring? Will you settle for the trinkets? Only you can decide what you are willing to invest in a relationship. Trading Gold for Cash is not the wisest investment you can make, but many do so, because they need the money now. Are you trading the possibility of a Lifelong Covenant for the fleeting fun of a Now Relationship? Ladies and Gentlemen, evaluate the true treasure you are and hold out for the real thing. It's worth it!