Monday, October 28, 2013

False Promises

Where you lead me
I will follow
- Classic Hymn
I had a very enlightening conversation with some young teens and tweens. I've been noticing the number of missing cases of girls are on the rise as this year continues, although statistically April not October sees the number of missing people rise (Many are not aware how many demonic rituals happen in April and can be linked to these missing sacrifices).
They shared something really important that I think girls and young women need to hear: Many of these girls are hopping into cars with strangers they don't know, but they go off WILLINGLY. One teen described her friend as doing this FREQUENTLY and that she is afraid she's going to hop into a car, looking for a good time, and never come back. So far, so good, she says, but she knows that her friend is playing with fire.
Another teen said, "These guys promise them a good time, or promise them they are getting their picture taken or that they want to shoot them for a film. They hand them money and tell them this is 50% up front and 50% when the shoot or the film is done." In one case, the teen said her friend got there and it was not the film she expected, meaning PORN. She gave them back the money, but they left her stranded. It could have been worse.
So, let me say this first to PARENTS:
1. Pay attention to your GIRLS. Just because they are getting older and may be involved in "activities" does not mean they are happy, or are even enjoying what they are involved in a t school. It may be something to kill time until something more exciting comes along (like an offer to star in a 'short film').
2. If you can help it, try not to leave your tweens and young teens at home alone. If you are there, engage your children. It is so tempting to just leave them to their own devices while you have that "Calgon" moment of  me-time, but while you are ignoring your child's need for direct mentoring and parenting, someone else could be seducing them online.
Now, let me say this to Young Tweens and Young Women:
1.If an offer to act, or model comes your way, never take it at face value and NEVER hop into someone's car on a "promise". If it is legitimate, the offer can wait until you check the people, sources, and company involved. Better safe than sorry.
2.Idelness can lead to bad decison making. Know what it is that YOU really want to do with your life. Develop goals for yourself. If you don't know the direction your life is headed, ANYONE can come along and direct you into their part for you.
3. You have friends and family that you matter to. Don't create unnecessary worry, anxiety, or distress. Think beyond the moment and beyond the "good time".
4. With all of the terrible things happening in the world, you don't want to wind up as another statistic. Be safe. Be smart. Listen to your friends and family. Don't run off with strangers, no matter how exciting, friendly, good-looking, or wealthy they might seem. That good time may be your last.

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We've got to keep our eyes open, our hearts guarded, our ears alert, and our minds open to think wisely! Remember, someone is counting on you!