Sunday, February 27, 2011

Women With A Plan

As I was traveling this past weekend, I had the opportunity to delve into the rich treasures of the word of God. Having just completed a study from Hebrews-Revelation, I decided that I would simply take a trip back to the Old Testament to learn from some of my fellow sisters in the faith. I didn't land on any one particular verse, but found myself pondering what these sisters had in common. The common thread that I could see was that they had a plan. Who are these sisters? Jael (Judges 4:17-24), and a Young girl (2 Kings 5:1-16). In both cases, these young ladies had a plan. Jael, a plan for warfare, the young servant girl, a plan for healing.

As women, we can sometimes feel as though we play an insignificant part in the scheme of things. You may be wondering right now, what is my role? Jael, as a wife, could have sat idly by while the war went on, but instead, when presented with the opportunity, she used wisdom and cunning and became a part of the annals of history by wiping out Sisera, enemy to the Jews. She was even included in a song of triumph after the victory!

The young servant girl could have kept her mouth closed. After all, why should she have cared that her "boss" was in need of healing? Yet, she gave information regarding a prophet in the land that she had faith enough to believe in who could heal her master.

There is nothing impossible for a woman with a plan whose faith is in God to execute that plan! I know God has laid some plans on the heart of women across this nation. You may have direct access (as Esther did) to get your plan heard or carried out. Perhaps, you have to rely on an intermediary to be heard (as in the case of the young servant) or maybe, the time is at hand, and you have to go it alone (as Jael did) trusting that you are doing the will of God, who has already spoken that he is raising up a woman to get this victory (Judges 4:9). Is that you?

Are you the woman that God is raising up to get the victory for your home? for your workplace? for the citizens in your state? for your country? Are you in a place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, where you can act on God's directions and not your emotions? I encourage you, don't be left out of God's plans. Utilize everything that God has placed in you to carry out His plans in the earth. No plan is too small, no hand is too small, no enemy is too big, no situation is too daunting if God has given you a plan. Ladies, work your plan!