Thursday, April 19, 2012

To My Young Sisters: Friendship

Young Sister:
Today, I want you to know that who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow. You've got dreams, plans, and aspirations that are sure to come to pass as you stay focused. But Young Sister, there is almost one element that can get you off track faster than a boyfriend: Your choice of friends.
Friends can take you in the direction of your dreams or they can detour you on the way to your destiny. We would all love to think that nothing influences our decisions, but Sister, it simply isn't true. Some of you will choose a dress because you and your friend want to match, some will choose a hangout spot because your friends like to go there but you're not too picky. You might even choose where you get an education because your Bestie is going there and you want to room together and hang out on campus. So, though the reasons may be harmless, we do in fact allow our friends to influence our decision making. This is why it is of utmost importance to choose your friends wisely.
The Bible says that bad company corrupts good moral character. You might not think that your friends behaviors and opinions are rubbing off, but they in fact do.  Friendships create emotional ties. You are allowing another sister or brother into your spiritual space. Take a look at the poem below for a moment:
True Treasure

When you have found someone
Who values the core of who you are
Who values the time you spend with them
Who values the experiences you share
Who values your tears and your smiles
Who values the knowledge and wisdom you impart
Who values the trust you gift to them
Who values the truth enough to never tell you a lie
 Who is a reality check that never bounces

Then never let go
For you have found true treasure
You have found a friend
Friends really are true treasure. They should add value to your life, and desire the very best for you. So Young Sister, make every effort to choose wisely and more importantly, be the kind of friend you want to have in your own life. Never forget that God desires to be your closest friend. If you let Him, he will guide you into right friendships and spare you unnecessary pain in the process. Once you find that friend that sticks closer than a brother, value that relationship. Water it with care, hugs, friends night out, prayer, and compassion. It will grow into a friendship that can weather storms and will be a place that others over time will admire.
Remember, he that has friends must show herself friendly, so ask God to point you in the right direction and get to it!