Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Leave The Old Behind

You are God's Girl. You are God's Woman.
You have NO TIME for Games, Tricks, Players, or Randoms.

Here's 5 things you can leave behind:

1. Leave behind the need to feel wanted. God wants you. He always has and always will.

2. Leave behind the desire to be seen. God knows where you are. He knows how to point you out.

3. Leave behind the games. God is serious about your heart. He doesn't want it broken.

4. Leave behind the competition. You are a prize worth winning. God said so. See Proverbs 31.

5. Leave behind waiting by the phone, the window, the curb...God has plans for you that will not wait. See Jeremiah 29:11

Sister, Daughter, Friend, if you can leave these things behind, GREATER awaits you! God has plans you can't even begin to imagine that have nothing to do with a guy but everything to do with Jesus, the lover of your soul. Let him bring you into those plans. You'll discover you're right where you need to be, found by the person who deserves you and knows they are blessed because you are apart of their life!

Keep That Mind open to the Mind of Christ and your possibilities will be endless!