Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finding Your Voice

When you have been raised in an emotionally or verbally abusive environment, it can be hard to speak, express, or demonstrate positive words or actions. When you have been told your words or opinions don't matter. When you have been slapped or hit for voicing your opinion it can be hard to find your voice or speak up for yourself.

Whether the abuse was inflicted by one person or an entire family it can have long term far reaching effects.

I know because I was once there. The Word of God delivered me from ALL my fears. You would have never known I had stage fright or performance anxiety. You would have not known that I grew up with a verbally abusive parent (though she is not anymore)and became a better writer because of what I could not voice.

So when I see people who struggle to receive love, who struggle to speak anything good because it has not been apart of their framework, who struggle to speak English without profanity, I am reminded that I was once there.

And I am reminded that the WORD of GOD reframed me. It reshaped my thinking. It gave me confidence in God so that I did not need to exist on the words of people who change opinions like underwear. The Word of God helped and continues to help me heal. The Word of God in its own mysterious way was healing itself. It showed me how to live life, not just survive it.

If you are starting fresh today, ready to leave painful people, situations, or circumstances behind, I am here to say YOU CAN DO IT. Start with the Word of God. You may not have all the answers today, but START. Begin. God is with you. He has felt your pain and he wants to remove it. Let him take you by the hand. Let him speak his Word into until you longer hear the voices of condemnation, fear, intimidation, or ill will. All you will hear CLEARLY is the Father.

I'm rooting for you today. Run to the Father.