Saturday, June 2, 2012

PG31 Challenge #26 WISE MOUTH

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31:26

 26 She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.


Reflect: If we can admit it, we as Women have a way of using words to slice. Before giving my life to Christ, I was a skilled smart alec. It got me into trouble many times, even to the point of being banned from my senior trip in highschool. I won't repeat what I said, but it infuriated the administrator to the point where she was out to get me for the rest of the year. Oh, yes, when we want to, we can say all the wrong things with the right intonation. As Women of Virtue, we have a responsibility to refrain from using our words as weapons against each other, our spouses, and instead, turn that weapon of warfare on our true enemy: satan. When we recieve the Spirit of God, we reckon our old man  and it's deeds dead in Christ. So that neck rolling, foul mouth,  tongue popping, eye-cutting you? All that should have died with Christ. Instead, our mouths should be filled with wisdom, because we are in our Word, and we are getting filled with wisdom for our lives. Just because we feel it or think it, doesn't mean it needs to be said, or that it's coming from a place of love. If you find yourself wanting to cut down rather than build up, Pray, "Lord, set a guard over my lips today. I only want to say what builds up and brings positive change."

ProACTION Only open your mouth today if you have something kind or wise to say.

Friday, June 1, 2012

PG31 Challenge #25 Beautiful TIMING

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31:25

 25 Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.

Key Word: TIMING

Reflect: When I think back to the time when I was single, I ask, God, how did you put up with me? I remember a particularly embarrassing time when I was staying briefly with three, count them THREE other young ladies who were all engaged. I thought to myself, God, when is it going to be my time? Don't you have someone for me? I truly loved my friends and I was happy for them, but come on-- seeing them getting all mushy-faced and teary-eyed every time their fiancees showed up? It was starting to grate on my nerves. I felt like they weren't really being that sensitive to the fact that I was the only single (I've been guilty of this myself now that I'm married)! I remember going out onto the deck where we were all living and crying my little heart out, I felt so saddened, and lonely, I  prayed, God, help me! I don't want to feel like this! I don't want to be annoyed by their happiness! Suddenly, an angel, a real bonafide angel was right there. I was speechless. He touched me and said, "You needed help?" I nodded. He smiled and disappeared right there. Now, I know some people don't believe in angelic encounters but Jesus had them (Luke 22:43, Matthew 4:11). I want you to know, I was too shocked to cry anymore! God, had seen my distress, really, my temper tantrum, and sent an angel to help me get over myself! After that point, I remember being able to spend the rest of that brief time surrounded by talk of matrimony, and wedding arrangements. It no longer bothered me. God made everything beautiful in His time. As for the couples? Two of them married, and the other couple wound up marrying someone totally different. See, I was fretting over what was going to happen and I needed to take my focus off of my future mate and enjoy my time being single. When I fell head over heels for Jesus, everything else fell into place. So, Virtuous Woman, your time is coming. Rejoice and appreciate the time you have right where you are. Just remember, if you cry out for help, don't be shocked when it shows up!

If you're married, write down what your process of courtship was like for the next generation or your children. If you're single, think about what you want courtship to look like. How long will you court? Who would you want involved in the process to hold you accountable?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

PG31 Challenge #24 Kick Up Your Heels!

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31:25

25 Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.


Reflect: Every culture understands the language of smiles. One of the things that sets Women of Virtue apart is the joy of the Lord that is our strength. Joy does not mean that everything is going well. It means that the well you have on the inside is not powered by circumstances or feelings but by the Holy Spirit. There have been many times when I have wanted to feel sad, but I just could not. When God is your source of joy, he keeps the inner man refreshed, revived, renewed, and filled. Even in times of tragedy, we can be assured that God will comfort us. He is our source of Joy and Peace. He is our wholeness when we feel broken. He is our righteousness when we feel wronged. He is our safety even when we feel threatened. This is why He is the Rock of our salvation. All other ground, including living out of our soulish feelings, is sinking sand. With joy, we can drink from the well of salvation! We can dance with no music, run when nobody is chasing us, and clap our hands when there is no audience! God is looking on, the angels are looking in on us, wondering about this blessed thing called redemption! So, Virtuous Woman, kick up your heels, your sneakers, your flats today, and let someone know, "this joy that I have, the world didn't give it, and the world can't take it away!"

Listen for a pick me up!

Find 31 verses on Joy or rejoicing! Begin to declare these over your days! Arm yourself with the weapon of praise today!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PG31 Challenge #23 Women Of Honor

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31: 25

25 Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.

Key Word: HONOR

Reflect: In our society, everywhere you turn, there is a suggestion of "the hottest". What do I mean? The hottest style, the hottest look, the hottest shoes, dresses, purses, etc. If you want to be the next "it girl" you must have, must buy, must wear, must be connected to A, B, and C. But the Word of God tells us what the hottest clothing really is: Strength & Honor. I wonder if that reality show title would sell? Ladies, don't buy into the hype that clothes make the wo(man). At the end of the day, keeping your integrity, keeping your word, standing up against injustice, and maintaining your standards are what make you God's It Girl. So, hold your head up high today, and walk down your runway of life, knowing that in God's sight you are Tops! I've even got your runway music today :)

Write down who you think are the 31 Most Influential Women to you and why. If they are within reach today, let them know how much they have influenced you to be the woman you are today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PG31 Challenge #22 FILL 'ER UP!

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31: 24

 24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
and supplies the merchants with sashes. NIV


Reflect: I don't know about you, but it seems as though women really never have down time. Whether we are married or single, most of our day is spent supplying a need. As one friend shared with me, having children means you are never alone for the next 18 years. Everyday, there is a constant pulling and tugging on you as a woman. Your role as mother, wife, aunt, friend, daughter, sister, is always in demand. This is why we need the strength of God and the supply of His life in exchange for our own. As we face life's daily demands both from within and without, we need daily bread to sustain us. We need His voice daily to lead us, guide us, protect us, fill us with hope, promise, and joy. If we are to supply our family with the necessary resources, we must open up the storehouse of God's supply and get filled. Lord, fill our cups today. Listen and get refreshed!

Write down your 31 all-time favorite songs that minister to you. Post one for us today if you have the time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

PG31 Challenge #21 HIGHLY ESTEEMED

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31:23

She advances the estimation and the respect in which her husband is held.


Reflect: A wise woman once said, "If you want to know the real character of a man, look at his wife when he is speaking." Some women have developed the fine art of guarding their expression, but displeasure, dissatisfaction, and dislike can not only be seen but felt. Body language experts make their living by coaching public speakers and politicians on how to not reveal their true position. As Virtous Women we can choose to bring honor to our husbands and the significant men in our lives by showing them respect. It means we season our words with grace, that we allow them time to wind down, that we share in their interests, that we are their loudest, and first supporters.

ProACTION: Find a verse that describes your Husband and share it with him today. If you are single, find a verse that decribes a male friend and share it with him today. You'd be surprised how encouraged they will be!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

PG31 Challenge #20 ADVANCING Manhood

Today's Verse:Proverbs 31:23

Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.


The industry of the wife leaves the husband free to take his place among the elders that sit in councils.  Barne's Notes
She advances the estimation and the respect in which her husband is held. (Kiel & Deitlitzsch)

Just the above statements could send me on a preaching frenzy, but I will abstain! I know you are wondering about the topic. Advancing Manhood? I thought this was about Me? It is! As a Virtuous Woman, you ARE the lethal weapon. Ask any campaign manager. If the candidate's wife is promiscuous, volatile, unpredictable, lacking in self-control, addicted to any controlled substances, it almost always spells disaster. Contrary to popular belief, Men as well as Women are looking to marry well. Good character ranks right up there with a good credit score. Notice, the Virtuous Woman's spouse (not boo, homey, dog, boyfriend) is respected. He's not infamous. He sits among the politicians and lawmakers of the day, not with the criminals behind prison walls. I am by no means saying that incarcerated men can't change or are less. I know plenty of men who made mistakes, repented and turned from a life of crime and God is using them tremendously. The key word is turned. They no longer seek a life of crime, thuggism, or infamy, and as a Virtuous Woman, you shouldn't entertain men who do.

ProACTION: If you're married, write down 31 qualities of your husband, package it up nicely, and deliver it to him today. If you're single, write 31 things you will not do for male attention and 5 things that are absolute deal breakers in your relationships with the opposite sex. I would love to hear your thoughts, PG31!