Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Ten Reasons To Read Church Love

I love a challenge! I was asked the other day to give some reasons why my book series stands out among the MANY summer reads available. In talk-show fashion here are what I believe are the top ten reasons you should get off your couch, get to a bookstore, computer, or phone and purchase, order, or download my novels and get to reading!

                          TOP 10 Reasons To Read Church Love Novels

              10. You have absolutely ZERO understanding of the opposite sex.
                    (think CLUELESS)
                9. You have no understanding of dating and courtship.
                8. You want to laugh out loud repeatedly. Over and Over again.
                7. You want a good, clean, read.
                6. You like to support ($$$) writers you know.
                5. You want to put a Christian on the. Bestsellers lists.
                4. You want to experience the presence of God through fiction. 
                3. You want to read a novel that makes you put away Zane,Harris,Tyree
                2. You HATE reading and want to accept a challenge that Church Love
                     can change that.
                1. You want to say you discovered a great writer BEFORE
                   she became outrageously famous! (hindsight is 20/20, LOL!)

If you have READ Church Love Novels, I'd love to hear from you! Share your comments below! Check out my sidebar for my Hot List Reads. I'm honored that you'd list us among your Summer reads!

           Blessings and Church <3