Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Cried

I cried.

I cried for the woman who
hasn't had a mother in 17years

I cried for the girl who lost her mother at 11 years
because of lies and fears

I cried for the gaping loneliness that
fills too much space in the heart

For the times when, even in noisome crowds
you can still feel oceans apart

For the piercing, aching soul
That wants God to come and make it whole

I cry for the truth that time does not heal all wounds
That some pain lingers so you can remain compassionately in tune

Like the ONE who is pierced
He's reminded of THE BRIDE
Jesus' pain is a reminder we're not yet at his side

I cried for the need to be broken again
to tenderize the heart
and give wisdom through the mend

I cried
for no one can love me
God does

It's futile to expect agape
where there is no self-love

I cried
for the tragedies committed
by humanity upon humanity
for the "sake" of humanity

Then blamed on the Divinity
of the Trinity
Oh, this IS iniquity

And the only one celebrating the
murdering and the hating
is the prince of Flesh Baiting

And the one celebrating rage
and disillusion is the prince of

I cried
Because genocide didn't start
with death on a sidewalk but in the heart
of those who buy into the
paid-for advertised lies.


Someone will tell me
it is futile to cry
it is childish to cry
it is foolish to cry

I'd rather pluck out my eye
than to watch life pass by
and keep a DRY eye
or impassive lid

When I hear of women killing their babies
and treating their children like kids-
NO, they're not goats

They are the voice of the future
who don't get to vote
I cried, I cry, and

Feeling God's pain
like life giving blood
flowing through my own veins?

I still cry.

(c) 2012 God Ideas LLC
Shantae Charles